Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rocket Raccoon & Groot; Acrylic Painting.

Guardians Of The Galaxy? Hands down, best movie of the summer IMO and possibly my new favorite movie of all time. It just so happened that I stumbled upon this cute graphic of a baby Rocket and Groot (the typical Han Solo/Chewbacca duo in their own fantastic way) on Pinterest...and I had to paint one of my own. 

 I drew the sketch with pencil onto my canvas, after looking at the picture and just drawing every detail I could ... (I like to make art in the most complicated way possible.)
I worked on filling in the basics, opting for a purple background; kind of an added girly touch, but what can ya expect?!
And roughly two days later, and about 5-6 total hours spent, I had my own baby Rocket and Groot; perfect for a nerdy nursery, or in my case, my bedroom wall. 
Hashtag, No Shame Whatsoever. 

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